Complimentary Travel Insurance Assistance

The Province of Andalucia wants to ensure that all tourists travelling to the area are safe in the knowledge that the town hall of each province are working together to make your travel plans safe.

During these Pandemic Times we would like to offer you some additional Information regarding Complimentary Travel Insurance Assistance for those traveling to the Region of Andalucia.

This ComplimentaryTravel Insurance Assistance Insurance is available in 2021 for foreign tourists (non-residents).

The Insurance is additional to each individual personal insurance and exists to run in conjunction with the standard travel cover. It in no way replaces the standard insurance each individual is required to have in place.

The Insurance Assistance is available to all foreign international travellers, with no age limit restrictions. You must be a non resident, travelling to the region of Andalucia as a tourist.

How you travel to the region is flexible, however you must have irrefutable proof of a hotel or villa booking, clearly stating the duration of your stay. The Insurance will cover the period of your stay only.

This insurance covers Quarantine Isolation for a period of time required to prevent or limit the spread of this virus.

If travelling with a family member the Insurance applies to this person also. You may need to check the updates for extending this to additional family members.

A short summary of the Insurance Cover

  • Medical expenses ( surgical, pharmaceutical & any hospitalisation) due to Covid 19, in all cases in excess of €100, to be paid by the insured person.

The cover is limited to €4000.00

  • Assistance with your return journey home is included in the insurance.
  • Repatriation due to death caused by Covid 19. Is included in the insurance.
  • This cover is for €5000.00 within maximum of 15 days.

Please note : Any circumstances known by the insured person prior to the commencement of travel is excluded.

The information provided at this time is for guidance only and is not contractually binding.

We want to be part of the creation of happy memories and enjoyment with you.

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