The denominations of origin of the wines of Andalusia

For those of you who do not know us, in the 18th century El Cortijo Lagarillo was built in a privileged environment just a few minutes from Malaga, as a building to produce wine for a farm located in the Guadalhorce Valley.

Although it is currently a completely renovated Finca and is specialised in holding events, such as weddings, family celebrations and corporate meetings, …, our history revolves around wine.  Now we want you to know something more about Andalusian wines ..

When we talk about quality Spanish wines, it is almost impossible not to think of the famous Andalusian wines.

Andalusia is one of the most popular Spanish areas in terms of winemaking.

It holds a thousand-year-old tradition regarding the cultivation of the vine, and this means that in Andalusia the production of wines is decreed as a tradition rather than as a trade.

So if you are a true wine lover, and you want to know more about Spanish wines and more specifically about Andalusian wines; We recommend that you read this article allowing you to discover for yourself the best wines of Andalusia.

Why are wines so appreciated in Andalusia?

When looking for references on the best wines in Spain, you will automatically find these are the wines of Andalusia; But what is it that makes Andalusian wines so popular?

There are several factors involved ensuring the high quality of Andalusian wines, but among them we can classify 2 main aspects:

The Climate

The Mediterranean climate in this Spanish region is a dominating factor ; and temperatures are usually mild, exceeding 16°C on an annual average.


To begin with, the quality of the soils is a major factor, the land is fertile with lots of  agricultural activity; and there are the multiple rivers, which irrigate the land and enhance the production process. Even the proximity to the sea is a relevant geographical element, since some of the best Andalusian wines are successful thanks to the salinity.

The denominations of origin of the wines of Andalusia

The designations of origin refer to the wine production areas. Andalucia has 6 denominations of origin, which are:

D.O. Jerez-Xérès-Sherry

The production area includes 8 municipalities of Cádiz and one of Seville, although its cultivation area is located only in Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Puerto de Santa María.

It produces natural sweet wines, a rich wine generous in liquor. Its regulatory council is the oldest in Spain.

D.O. Chamomile from Sanlúcar

It shares the production area with Jerez, however the aging area is in Sanlúcar. It has a great difference with respect to the wines of Jerez as it´s special microclimate and aging is carried out under a veil of flowers.

The types of wine it produces are generous, such as the Amontillado Príncipe wine.


Its production area is in the southern Cordovan countryside. Here they produce fortified wines, generous of liquor and natural sweet wines.

D.O. Huelva County

Its production and breeding area covers the entire south of the province of Huelva. Here they make white wines, full bodied and generous of liquor. The most cultivated grape variety is Zalema.

D.O. from Malaga

The production and cultivating area is located along the entire coast from east to west and inland reaches up to the Sierra.

Natural and liqueur wines are made. The Moscatel and Pedro Ximénes grapes are the most cultivated and their famous sweet wines are made from them.

D.O. Sierras of Malaga

It is part of the designation of origin of Malaga, but this is the only area where red, rosé and white wines are produced.

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