Enjoy a Paella in Malaga

There are many factors that allow us to know a country, those that are so characteristic of the region, that only one word is enough to identify them and know what they are telling us about.

When talking about Spain for example, its gastronomy, what automatically comes to mind; and this is not a secret to anyone.

Mediterranean food is one of the cultural elements that has the most international projection and anyone who visits the Costa del Sol will end up pleasantly surprised by its variety of dishes and quality of the food.

There are many dishes with great popularity in Malaga gastronomy and among them paella stands out. Paella is a typical dish based on rice.

Paella is by itself an international benchmark of Mediterranean cuisine, so you cannot leave Malaga without tasting this exquisite dish.

We can find many versions of this delicious dish and the way it is prepared will pleasantly surprise you. You can choose between vegetable, seafood, meat paellas such as duck, rabbit, chicken … even mixed options.

The key point of the dish is and always will be the rice. This creates a good base and together with a good sauce and careful accuracy when cooking the rice will make a PAELLA delicacy fit for the gods.

If you want to taste a good PAELLA, you cannot miss the Raices Restaurant in Alhaurín de la Torre, a place specialized in rice dishes.

Here you can taste the best and most varied versions of this famous dish. To highlight just a few :

  •  Seafood rice soup with Lobster
  •  Acorn-fed Iberian Rice soup
  •  Rice with Rabo de Toro Gratin
  •  Creamy Rice with Foie, Mushrooms and Scallops
  •  Black Rice with Prawns and Rosada
  •  Meat and Seafood Paella
  •  Vegetarian paella

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