Micro Weddings are the future.  We are Ready. …..

Maybe you were one of those brides who set your wedding date pre-Covid. You were happily planning your special day and creating the perfect celebration for family and friends.  A micro wedding wasn’t even on your radar.   Then all of a sudden, the whole world is changing and your plans are stopped.

For many of you, the disappointment and the anxiety that followed was immense. Excitement over taken by a nagging doubt that things have changed and are totally out of your control. Your beautiful dreams of the wedding day that you had both been planning for so long vanished.

But there is a silver lining to all of this .  The Micro Wedding .Covid is here and with no end in sight, The Micro Wedding is becoming more and more popular.

Of course intimate or small weddings have always been around, but for many couples this is the only option.

Here at Cortijo Lagarillo we understand this,  Micro weddings are our passion.  Bringing a small group of family and friends together to celebrate the love between two people has never been more powerful than in these times.

We offer a secure and safe haven for you and your loved ones to celebrate this special day or extended week-end.

We have created Micro wedding packages for one, two, or three day stays, incorporating the family feel that makes this celebration so very special.

Don’t wait any longer . Marry in 2021 as planned. Let us assist you with the dream and create new excitement and memories

We want to be part of the creation of happy memories and enjoyment with you.

Our success is built on years of experience & knowledge
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